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Hair Replacement Services

Non-surgical hair replacement can be a wonderful option for those who suffer from significant hair loss and would like to regain the appearance and confidence of having a full head of hair without surgery. While there are some incredibly natural hairpieces being made today, most hair loss consumers have no clue what to look for when looking for this service. That being said, Bridgewaters Salon & Spa has the honor of housing the areas only medical hair loss replacement specialist. Certified and trained in the latest techniques while understanding the challenges faced during the process and expectations after this life changing course of treatment.

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The hair loss industry is a treacherous place and we are here to help. Each private appointment will assess the your own personal situation and expectations to provide the best expierence in our salon. This process is preformed in a private studio room for your comfort and in some cases can be covered by insurance. Please feel free to email us with any questions or call to set up your consultation today.